We are grateful to the community of writers, perfume bloggers and editors for being so supportive of The Art and Olfaction Awards. Please read on for some press highlights.

"[The awards and the IAO] foster creative work in scent, and also give awards for it - to perfumers and artists.”
'Art: In bottles...'
Monocle Arts Review
by Susan Stone, 05/2017


"Friday’s summit [and awards] was part of [the IAO's] mission to build mutual support and a sense of community for this broad ranging group of creatives who may work at the margins of the fragrance industry, deep within it, or completely outside of it."
WWD (opens PDF in new window)
by Susan Stone, 05/2017


"The Art and Olfaction Awards à Berlin, les nouveaux horizons de l’art olfactif"
Nez, La Revue Olfactive
by Jeanne Doré, 05/2017


"It was probably the most awesome audience ever to see the Silent Green KulturQuartier ever, when the 4th Art and Olfaction Awards were held there."
Fashion Network (opens PDF in new window)
by Melanie Muller, 05/2017


"In the end, what I have seen in Berlin is a reunion of some of the most outstanding and passionate people working in the niche fragrance industry. The inclusion of the Experimental Scent Summit made all the difference and created a statement, a letter of intention from the organization, and it might become even more important that the award itself. It was an advanced attitude of transmitting knowledge and debating questions."
by Miguel Matos (05/2017)


"...Extremely well received - with high-profile supporters and partnerships - and are gaining more and more prominence."
Aus Liebe Zum Duft
by Ulrike Knöll

"Art and Olfaction Awards Honor Independent Perfumers"
Perfumer + Flavorist Magazine
04/ 2017


"Last Friday, at the second annual Art and Olfaction Awards, in Los Angeles, four of the evening’s five Golden Pears went to traditional fragrances. Vegetal aromas fared particularly well. [...] The real excitement, however, lay in the Sadakichi Award for Experimental Use of Scent, which was new to the event this year."
The New Yorker
by Nicola Twilley, 04/2015


“Advancing the medium in spite of an industry that’s largely stuck in its ways. Democratizing and demystifying scent-based art.”
"The 'Golden Pears' manages to undermine expected pretension, allowing style and humor to exist side by side."

by deadidol 04/2015, 04/2014


‘To my knowledge, the only fluff-free fragrance contest in the world.'
Style Arabia
by Luca Turin 04/2015


“Uno dei premi più importanti dedicati al mondo della profumeria d’autore.”
Cipria Magazine
by Maruska 05/2016


‘Hundreds of perfumes from all over the world entered in the running, where nine highly respected industry professionals blind judged the entries with only the scent and the perfumers intention to base their decisions on.'
CityGram Austin


‘Une parfumeuse québécoise récompensée lors d’un concours international’
Interview avec Isabelle Michaud on Ici Radio, for the CBC
Ici Radio-Canada

‘One of the biggest prizes in […] perfumery’
Allure Magazine, Italy

“Expanding the discourse”
LA Times
by Ingrid Schmidt

“[...] going to be as prestigious as winning a Fragrance Foundation award very soon.”
by Mark Behnke

“[...] akin to the movie industry’s Spirit Awards for indie films.”
Huffington Post
by Mary Orlin

“A competition that honors perfume without politics.”
by Michelyn Camen